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Souk Psych-out

Yesterday, we toured around Dubai with Farm Grandpa and our Aunt and Uncle Foerster who all arrived to this glorious desert on Thursday night. One place we visited on Sunday was the souks in Old Dubai.

First we hit the Gold Souks:
Do people really wear gold shirts? And giant gold bib necklaces? From the looks of the offerings at the gold souk you'd think this was a much more common thing than I have observed in my life. Frankly, Henry was unimpressed, the rest of us were mostly confused.

After the gold souks we walked around the spice souk, and when I say that there was every kind of spice imaginable there, it's not an understatement. I mean really:

You wouldn't find half these things in Target.

Literally WALLS of spices. It smelled like Indian food tastes: explosive. Seriously, if you stay there too long, your nose might just melt from all the different scents. We found everything in those souks from cardamom to calcium to coriander to cumin to coffee to cinnamon to suma…

Slave to a Hobby :P

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Sunday, February 18 I have spent yet more money on my project.  10 dollars, to be exact, for new differentials.  The new upgrade comes with metal gears.
Wuzz that mean? Buckle up, Me and Ben are at the S.S. Blogger helm again, and this time, we are telling you about our hobby.
First, look at this.

This is what we are slavesmechanics to.
It's a Chinese import RC car.
Here's a basic crash course on the RC hobby.
It's simply an obsession with fast scale model cars, and upgrading them.
Me and Ben have kinda discovered we likelove extremely treasure seeing little cars flying off jumps, and then having to repair them.

Here's a backstory:
We moved into Al Zeina more than a half a year ago, and we were really bored, 'cuz our stuff hadn't arrived yet from shipping.…

Camel Races

What are camel races? Camel races are a free event in Dubai where rich people buy a camel and a robotic jockey and race them against other camels and their jockeys. White cars follow the camels around and control the jockeys and honking and yelling. There were also free snacks: drinks and Arabic desserts and eventually whole meals.

 Camel milk try 2.0 verdict = 👍

There was also date flavored camel milk but we didn't get a picture. There was a box of sweets with little squares that melted in your mouth and squares that were covered in sugar and were kinda squishy and two kinds of pistachio treats and cake and a green melted thing that tasted surprisingly good.=)

The camels are chased around the track by lots of trucks. There are more trucks than camels and some have tv camera guys mounted on top to record and project the race to the spectators on big screens. The trucks were white because white reflects heat and thus stays cooler.

Lots of trucks had low number licence plates. This…

Zombie Last Exit

There are two Last Exit food truck parks along the main highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This new Last Exit was mad-max themed, with zombie food trucks and hilariously designed bathrooms.
My favorite truck was this one:

a modified dump-truck with 5 machine-guns. here are some others: 

These truck sculptures (and upgraded cars too, above is one of them) were connected to, and looked like they were pulling, about 10-13 food trucks.
          I don't know much about mad-max but i'm guessing it's a post-apocalyptic movie. (post-apocalyptic means after or during an apocalypse.
         The food tastes greasy, juicy, savory, and yummy. There is pad tai, sushi, burgers, chicken, pizza and more. It is kinda odd to have a picnic in February, with good weather and no snow or bugs but it is pleasant and fun. 
Not much to write about, but a lot of fun to go to!

Air Race at the Corniche

Sorry for the wait, but here goes...
On February 3, we went to the Red Bull Airshow, at the Corniche. The Red Bull Airshow is the grand championship of racing pilots. It hosts races around the world in a gather-the-most-points kinda style. The planes are EXTRA 300-S single seat prop planes with smoke trails.

First there was the no-pro class,

The no-pro class people were pretty bad, two of them sliced a pylon (the things that the planes fly through) with their wings! To describe what a pylon is more clearly, all it would need is a face, long wavy arms, and it would be one of those floppy MacDonalds dudes, exept not, well, floppy. When he sliced the pylon, the air that blows up the pylon all blew out and it flopped back onto the black floaty thing. The people on the floaty thing that holds up the pylon had to repair it quickly. While they repaired the pylon, they did a search and rescue demonstration, with airlift gear on a Bell H-1. 

Then came the pro sauce group. No pictures, but they wer…

Music to a Father's Ears

In high school I was known as someone who dabbled in the arts.  I explored many mediums like pottery, painting, etching, carving, sculptures, and drawing even winning an honorable mention for an etching of a raccoon at the edge of a forest my junior year as part of a Sioux Falls wide high school art competition.  My senior year I dabbled in the written word writing poetry and songs, and had a number of them published in various high school publications.  My favorite of all was writing poetry and music, I have always been deeply moved by well written words.  However I'm not musically gifted at all.  So with the kids getting more and more talented at piano and guitar I asked if they would put to music song lyrics which I would write.  Eliza was quick to enthusiastically respond "Yes!" as she has been writing her own instrumental pieces on piano for a while.  But Henry, on the other hand, wanted to know my qualifications if he was going to spend his time and talents on such…

It's 2018 Peeps

So, it is 2018.  Many thought the world would end in 2000.  I am 40.  Pam is ...well gentlemen don't tell.  I've been thinking a lot about the future while we have been here.  I wish I could say that I know what the Lord is calling us to when our time here is over, but I honestly don't know.  Speaking of honesty, I'm actually kinda worn out from my own discontentment.  It is a sin surely - a lingering mid-life crisis that won't let up.  I don't think of myself as 40.  I've held a job since I was 10 years old (started with a paper route) - graduating to fast food at 14, and even holding three jobs working 70 or so hours a week the 2 summers prior to graduating high school and heading to college.  During college I even worked every Christmas break between semesters.  I'm tired.  I mentioned to Pam that I have no idea where I got my energy in our early marriage.  Our first house was a complete lemon, and in a span of something like 3 years after buying our…